I’ve never thought much about Virtual Desktops in OS X although I have used it frequently on Linux Desktops and at the beginning in OS X Panther.
My thought always was: why more than one Desktop, when I’ve got Expos?. After watching the following video I might have changed my mind.
Virtual Desktops and Expos? seems to be the way to got!

See Spaces and Expos??of the upcoming OS X 10.5 Leopard in action:

So I made it back in one piece from the last Festival this year.
I didn’t sleep very much, worked hard and also tried to get a bit of the party. The sad thing is my car broke down on the way back from Salzburg, hope it won’t cost to much to get it fixed again 🙁

Sadly my digicam is broken so I don’t have any photos, you’ll have to put up with a crappy one from my cellphone. I’ll try to reach everybody who made photos of me and with me to send them to me. They’ll be up in my gallery then.

Wir Sind Helden @Frequency Festival '06

Now I’ve got one week left before I fly off to Australia to work there for four month. Everyone capable of reading German can take a look at the Aussiblog which will be updated while I’m away from home.

This is simply amazing! You have to see this.
This guy built a device that illuminates fluorescent drops of water with UV LEDs in order to be able to give the impression of them slowing down, standing still or even move backwards.

Go to cre.ations.net to read some more background information.