Flickrss 1.0

Flickrss is a WordPress plugin that displays the latest comments of your Flickr account in your Sidebar. As a bonus it automatically detects if you’ve got FAlbum installed on your blog and then offers you to link the comments to the gallery in your blog rather than back to Flickr.

The plugin uses MagpieRSS to fetch the RSS feed of your Flickr comments.


Install instructions:

  • download the above
  • unzip the file
  • upload the Flickrss folder to your weblog in wp-contens/plugins/
  • activate Flickrss on the Plugins page in WordPress
  • configure Flickrss on the Options page in WordPress
  • paste the following in your Sidebar where you want the comments to appear:

    <?php if(function_exists('flickrss')) flickrss(); ?>

This is the first plugin I did for WordPress, it is tested on WordPress 2.04 currently.
So I depend on you folks to tell me how it works for you and how I can improve it.

Have fun and whatever you do, don’t panic!