To fill the growing summer lump several blogs in my “environment” started to populate their pages with MyWorld66 maps to show how cosmopolitan their lifestyle is.

As I am always ahead of the game I’ve gotten a MyWorld66 map since way back in 2005 (wow!) so maybe now is the best time to show you how cool I am.

(in case you’re wondering: red means “visited”, grey means “nope, haven’t been there yet”)

world (very rough estimates in some states in this view):



fantastic isn’t it?
…now show me yours 🙂

, ,


I’m finally updating this abandoned blog again 😉

After suffering from a severe infection with high fever over 40°C and a rapid recovery (under the heavy influence of antibiotics) to allow me to attend the Novarock (klick the link for my photos) Festival in Nickelsdorf/Austria I can now say that I have slept enough again and reached a state of consciousness that allows me to post again.

Busy weeks lie behind me, first there was this awesome festival in the beautiful surroundings of Nicklelsdorf in the east of Austria. It was about one week of very hard work that sometimes brought us to the edge, but also some marvelous concerts with great bands. Especially Metallica, Tool and the local “heroes” Guadalajara rocked a sum of over 150.000 people in three days.

After I barely survived the backstage party on saturday following the Guns n’ Roses gig, I drove home only to be captured by end-term pressure. After finishing nearly all of my work – well, except the biggest project 😉 – I can now hopefully relax a few days at the swimming pool in my back yard and welcome the summer 🙂

Picture 1-1… ah, yes and then there was the Donauinselfest last weekend, a three day festival in the middle of vienna with free entry, ~30 stages and about 900.000 people per day.
I went there twice (hey, it’s free). Once to see the Bloodhound Gang again after the Novarock, who were too drunk to deliver a proper concert but who cares. The second time I went there to see Silbermond, well actually only their female singer 😉
All in all a pretty good festival as well but my feet hurt now after walking the whole of this little island in the middle of the danube for about two or three times (~6 km one way).

That’s it for now …but stay tuned for some more postings in the near future!

After a long pause due to my physical state I’m starting to blog again.
The following arrived in my mail today.
(probably the only interesting thing about the FIFA World Cup …)

as of today 18:00
on air for beta testing!

+——- ASCII_WM 2006 !

A big step in the Unofficial ASCII History of Moving Images:

“The best,
most ridiculous,
most redundant graphical implementation
of ASCII”:

| ASCII-WM 2006 |

live on telnet!

enjoy the word cup – delivered as a high-definition 80×24 charcater
stream into your beloved terminal!

pop up your shell and telnet or netcast to:

~$ telnet 2006