A Tiger theme for K600:
Thanks to Gribouille to make his labor’s fruit available.

I bought some times ago a Sony Ericsson K600i, for its design and iSync compatibility. This cellphone is most excellent except it will allow no use of extension cards.

Though I searched the web, no way to find a theme for my K600i. Yet Sony Ericsson software has now been made compatible with MacOS X. An eye on Apple’s site, the other on Photoshop and Theme Creator. After a few hours, here’s my Tiger based theme, now operational and compatible with K60i, K750 and W800 cellphones. (It is probably compatible with other SonyE from this generation but I’m not sure of that).

To download it:

[ from http://www.hardmac.com/ ]

Time for some news again.
I moved the whole blog over to the new and awesome WordPress 2.0 and applied a new theme to it. The header image is nowhere near finished, I just weren’t very inspired so I threw togehter a little logo and that’s it for now. One other important issue is that I decided to switch the language to english, there might be a few posts in german in between but I plan on mostly using english.
Post from the old blog where moved over to this one but not all of them, there where a few which I didn’t think where relevant enough to be migrated. Comments are all lost unfortunately, sorry for that!

I hope with the new and fully functional blog software now in place I may be able to update this more often.

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