Herbert searched and looked all over the internet in the past few days and was rewarded today. He found out that it’s now official that all Austrian students on every Austrian University and University of Applied Science (= FH) can buy their strongly needed Mac stuff at the onCampus store here.


That means we can now all enjoy the benefit of the very good deals that they offer 🙂

…and did I mention that the new Rise Against album totally kicks ass *g*

Brave new world!

Federal authorities are actively investigating dozens of American television stations for broadcasting items produced by the Bush administration and major corporations, and passing them off as normal news.

“Wag the dog” IS reality! Pretty shocking if you ask me but the outcome will be NOTHING, nobody cares about those sort of news anymore. Are people getting used to being lied to?

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I stumbled upon a rumor on the net today that says some interesting things about the new TOOL album “10.000 days”. The poster on some progressive rock forum stated that when you play track 3 “Wings For Marie (Pt. 1)” and track 11 “Viginti Tres” after each other and overlay them with track 4 “10.000 days (Pt. 2)” those songs match up to a completely new version.
I have to say I tried it out (using Audacity) and it does indeed sound like it could be composed like that on purpose. What adds some credibility to the rumor is that the running time of track 3 & track 11 add up to exactly 11:13 which is the total running time of track 4. The “new” track does have some really complex harmonies and freaky drumming, though noting seems to sound out of sync or out of tune. A very TOOlish song indeed 🙂

I am still not completely convinced that this was TOOL’s intention, although it is very likely with an outstanding band like this. There have also been rumors about the previous album “Lateralus” that the songs have to be listened to in order of the Fibonacci Sequence or that the lyrics have something to do with that sequence. Neither has been confirmed nor denied by the band itself.

Still TOOL makes very good music … for those who are apt to listen to it with the right amount of attention. And wether there is a “hidden constructed track” on the new album or not, I just can’t wait to see them on this years Novarock Festival it will be awesome!

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