I reactivated a (very) old site that I did in my first year at uni. It basically gives you the chance to send in funny quotes from colleagues and lecturers for everybody else to view it. (It’s even got RSS 🙂 )

I know it’s mainly the concept of bash.org copied. But I wrote it all from scratch (in about 5min.) so it’s no exact copy 😉

Unfortunately it’s in german, so unless Google Translate improves or you learn reading my mother tounge you’re out of the game.

Why haven’t I thought of that?

iCal can publish through FTP after all:Well color us surprised: Mac OS X Hints just found out that iCal actually can publish calendars through FTP (not just WebDAV), opening the doors for many users to publish their calendars and integrate them into services like Google Calendar and the like. One simply needs to use ftp:// when using the Publish… command, and all should be well.
While it should be noted this still doesn’t enable full sharing and editing of calendars like SyncBridge, it should allow users with non-WebDAV enabled hosts to get their iCal publishing on.
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from TUAW

I started working on a way to show the comments on my Flickr photos in the Sidebar of our Aussiblog to increase the community aspect of the site. After hacking together a quick PHP include yesterday evening using MagpieRSS that reads the RSS feed of the recent comments from Flickr, I built a WordPress plugin out of it today.

It even features an option to link the comments to your FAlbum gallery if you’ve got it installed on your blog, so the links don’t go back to Flickr but rather stay on your blog.

You can download it on the Flickrss Project Page. Please test it and give some feedback so I can possibly improve it.