I stumbled upon a very funny link while browsing through all the referrer links for my blog.
Apparently someone was browsing my blog from work without wanting anybody to notice it. This person used workFRIENDLY which is a hilarious website that tries to mimic Microsoft Office and displays the page you opened as text in this window.

I’m sure the interface looks much better in Internet Explorer which also has a fullscreen feature that could come in handy with work FRIENDLY. I only browse with Apple’s Safari, that’s why I can’t test that. The site even features a small HTML snippet which you can insert into your own page. This snippet calls a JavaScript which then offers a button on your page to immediately “make it work friendly”.

Picture 1-4I found a blog that has a kind of interesting idea of how to drive more traffic to it and gain some attention on the internet.

The author of the site called SHO()OT MY BLOG! wants everybody to load his blog on the screen, then take a photo with a digital camera and send it to his eMail address. The photo should be funny or creative in any way.

I think it’s a quite interesting idea and I can easily imagine that he will get quite famous with it. At the time of this writing there were 46 photos already posted. Not bad, considering that the blog started only a few weeks ago.

I haven’t decided yet, but I may be taking part in the sites contest if I have a good idea.

The popular online Instant Messaging site Meebo launched a new service.

With meebo me you can easily embed a widget on you blog oder website, allowing visitors to instantly chat with you.

I think this service is great as it makes communicating with your sites visitors very easy and very instantaneous.
The only downside is that I have to be logged in on the Meebo site to use the service. Think of the advantage if they would offer a chat protocol that I can connect to with my Adium client to see people visiting my blog and talk to them. I can’t really imagine wanting to have the Meebo website open all the time.

Anyway… the idea of meebo me is awesome and very innovative.