Inquisitor got a new release and the best thing it’s now free as the developer announced.
I’m using the first version of inquisitor since about a year ago and I must say I love it. I can’t try out the new version now since I’m currently at a Ubuntu box but I’m gonna download it and install it as soon as I come home.

See what the developer has to say about this 3.0 Beta 1 (v32) Version:

Inquisitor… it’s like Spotlight for the web.

Start typing and websites pop up immediately, along with ideas to refine your search.

It’ll autocomplete your words (is it reading your mind?) and you can add more search engines to Safari with customized keyboard shortcuts.

Oh, and it’s free.

Adium participated in this year’s Google Summer of Code and took 6 students for a full time internship. The projects they worked on where quite successful as it sounds.

Of course the thing I’m mostly looking forward to is the Audio/Video integration. It wasn’t completely finished in this SoC but it seems like they now have a pretty solid base to build upon.

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Markup Maker is a very convenient way to quickly get a valid (X)HTML structure for web pages you make.

Just paste in your (semantically correct) div ids for the layout you want. Choose if you want inline CSS or a separate file and which Doctype your document should have.
After that simply click on “Convert to XHTML” and you’ll get a nicely formatted HTML & CSS document.