Jeff Atwood wrote a funny (and very true) article about what’s new or not so new in these Web 2.0 days. I especially had to laugh at the idea that “new” ideas on the net are merely replicas of old UNIX tools introduced by Marc Hedlund.

talk, finger



Yahoo! directory
find, grep



Google Mail

Amazon S3

Yahoo! Pipes


Go and check out the full posting: Coding Horror: When In Doubt, Make It Public.
And make sure you also read the comments for some more funny ideas.

Panic today announced a great new application called Coda.
It is a fully integrated web development IDE consisting of several parts.

  1. A licensed SubEthaEdit (my absolute favourite) as text editor
  2. Their awesome Transmit as integrated tool to transfer files back and forth
  3. A dedicated CSS editor
  4. Reference Books for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Fully searchable and integrated with the app
  5. A Terminal Application for the occasional SQL work or tailing a logfile

This app looks really promising, I can’t wait to try it out and see if it suits my workflow.

iScrobbler 1.5 screenshotA new version of iScrobbler came out on April 3rd 2007.

Major changes in 1.5:

  • iPod Shuffle support
  • The currently playing track can be Loved, Banned, Tagged, and Recommended from the Stats window. (10.4+ only)
  • Previously played Tracks/Artists can be Loved, Banned, Tagged, and Recommended from the Top Lists window. (10.4+ only)
  • You can view and change your recently Loved/Banned tracks. (10.4+ only)
  • Removed “Your Fan Rating” from the Artist Details, and replaced it with a listing of the Artist tags (fully clickable).

from iScrobbler Downloads & Requirements