<Pomax> 20 years from now, someone is going to have the radical idea to give users access to the underlying OS, rather than to the browser API, and he will be heralded a revolutionary.
<Pomax> All manner of programming languages will pop up that work outside “the browser”, giving access to “offline” applications, storing files in “user space”, even perhaps running in something called “kernel mode”.
<Pomax> It’ll be a brave new world.
<Mirell> It’s scary that’s believable.

via qdb.us

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Inquisitor got a new release and the best thing it’s now free as the developer announced.
I’m using the first version of inquisitor since about a year ago and I must say I love it. I can’t try out the new version now since I’m currently at a Ubuntu box but I’m gonna download it and install it as soon as I come home.

See what the developer has to say about this 3.0 Beta 1 (v32) Version:

Inquisitor… it’s like Spotlight for the web.

Start typing and websites pop up immediately, along with ideas to refine your search.

It’ll autocomplete your words (is it reading your mind?) and you can add more search engines to Safari with customized keyboard shortcuts.

Oh, and it’s free.