I started working on a way to show the comments on my Flickr photos in the Sidebar of our Aussiblog to increase the community aspect of the site. After hacking together a quick PHP include yesterday evening using MagpieRSS that reads the RSS feed of the recent comments from Flickr, I built a WordPress plugin out of it today.

It even features an option to link the comments to your FAlbum gallery if you’ve got it installed on your blog, so the links don’t go back to Flickr but rather stay on your blog.

You can download it on the Flickrss Project Page. Please test it and give some feedback so I can possibly improve it.

WordpressGrowlWow! I really gotta have this.
The Binary Bonsay has set out a competition to code a Growl plugin that notifies you of events happening at your WordPress install. This is a great idea. I hope the guys working on it can sort out the NAT issues somehow and will deliver a working implementation.

If you wonder what Growl is:

As described on the Growl website, Growl is a global notification system for Mac OS X. Any application can send a notification to Growl, which will display an attractive message on your screen. Growl currently works with a growing number of applications.