On Mai the 30th & 31st the Austrian “Linuxwochen” will again hit my former university in Eisenstadt.
Look ahead for some very interesting talks by several highly skilled people.

One event I’d especially like to draw your attention to is Oliver’s pice about “Linux Server Experience with VServer” on Fr. the 30th. at 17:15 hours.

I’d be happy (and I’m sure, Olli even more) to see a lot of people attending this great event, listening to the talks held there and discuss open source solutions with us 🙂


I reactivated a (very) old site that I did in my first year at uni. It basically gives you the chance to send in funny quotes from colleagues and lecturers for everybody else to view it. (It’s even got RSS 🙂 )

I know it’s mainly the concept of bash.org copied. But I wrote it all from scratch (in about 5min.) so it’s no exact copy 😉

Unfortunately it’s in german, so unless Google Translate improves or you learn reading my mother tounge you’re out of the game.