Google searchGoogle not only seems to have permanently activated their SearchWIKI functionality for me, but also something that could prove to be quite useful.

Each result which points to a forum- or comment-kind of conversation, now states the number of replies and the date of the last post in that thread.

(Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Finally I updated the theme of this site to a newer one. Now I can use WordPress Widgets in the sidebar and some other commodities of recent versions.
RSS readers might want to take a look at the actual HTML version of the site 😉

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Version 2.6


…just updated to
The newest WordPress version does indeed have a few nice features.

  • ‘Press This’ bookmarklet, to (re)blog web content Tumblr-style
  • (Google) Gears integration. Although this doesn’t do much at the moment but it’ll be exciting to see what the WordPress developers come up with in the future.
  • Better Plug-In management
  • Versioning for posts
  • Apparently there’s also better media management, which I don’t really use because large image galleries live at Flickr for me.

Btw. I’m also (again) testing the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress, to see if they finally came up with something remotely useful.

Since I finally managed to update to the last WordPress version, I also change a few things on this blog.
On the right, there is now a Tag cloud consisting of the most used topics I write about here. And I also changed the plugin that constructs the “Related Posts” under each posting to make use of the internal taggin structure of WordPress.

Time for some news again.
I moved the whole blog over to the new and awesome WordPress 2.0 and applied a new theme to it. The header image is nowhere near finished, I just weren’t very inspired so I threw togehter a little logo and that’s it for now. One other important issue is that I decided to switch the language to english, there might be a few posts in german in between but I plan on mostly using english.
Post from the old blog where moved over to this one but not all of them, there where a few which I didn’t think where relevant enough to be migrated. Comments are all lost unfortunately, sorry for that!

I hope with the new and fully functional blog software now in place I may be able to update this more often.

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