PukkaThanks to Justin who pointed me to Pukka in the comments of my previous blog posting.

Pukka is a nice little app that makes posting your bookmarks to del.icio.us very easy, including nifty features like tag completition and even Bonjour integration. All of this is very nice but still I couldn’t see the advantage of it over my usual bookmarklet … until I discovered the one thing that makes this application extremely useful:

You can set Pukka as your external weblog editor in NetNewsWire (my favorite OS X RSS feed reader). Now I can, with the click of a button, post any interesting feed item to my del.icio.us account right from within the feed reader. That’s superb 🙂

Thanks again for pointing me in this direction … just gotta love this whole blogsphere thing, without it I would have never heard about Pukka 🙂