This handy piece of code colors errors and warnings in make output.
(put it in your .bash_profile)

  ccred=$(echo -e ???\033[0;31m")
  ccyellow=$(echo -e "\033[0;33m")
  ccend=$(echo -e "\033[0m")
  /usr/bin/make "$@" 2>&1 | sed -E -e "/[Ee]rror[: ]/ s%$pathpat%$ccred&$ccend%g??? -e ???/[Ww]arning[: ]/ s%$pathpat%$ccyellow&$ccend%g???
  return ${PIPESTATUS[0]}


An alternative would be to install colormake and use that instead of the normal make command.

If you need to direct output into the void in your program on a *NIX system you simply pipe or redirect it to the null device /dev/null.
Needing a similar functionality today in a C# .NET project I found the following equivalent:


Seemed fairly useful to me 😉