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In an attempt to make Growl even more useful on my Mac I added two scripts today.

The first one is Growl Notifications for iCal. It lets you add reminders to events in your calendar via Growl in addition to eMails and the standard giant iCal reminder that always gets in the way.

Picture 2Thomas Aylott made a little hack for the Mail reminder Applescript for iCal, allowing it to remind you via sticky Growl notifications. This is how it ought to be, it’s perfect in my eyes!
If you want cool iCal notifications as well get his script here (including instructions how to install).

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The second Growl addition to my Mac is NewsGrowl. This script is an addition to my favorite newsreader NetNewsWire. It shows you which feeds have new news items and how many there are. Simple, unobtrusive … Growl style!
The script binds into NetNewsWire as a “special subscription” at the bottom of your feed list.
Get NewsGrowl (including installation instructions).

PukkaThanks to Justin who pointed me to Pukka in the comments of my previous blog posting.

Pukka is a nice little app that makes posting your bookmarks to del.icio.us very easy, including nifty features like tag completition and even Bonjour integration. All of this is very nice but still I couldn’t see the advantage of it over my usual bookmarklet … until I discovered the one thing that makes this application extremely useful:

You can set Pukka as your external weblog editor in NetNewsWire (my favorite OS X RSS feed reader). Now I can, with the click of a button, post any interesting feed item to my del.icio.us account right from within the feed reader. That’s superb 🙂

Thanks again for pointing me in this direction … just gotta love this whole blogsphere thing, without it I would have never heard about Pukka 🙂