Today I took the time to ‘microformatize‘ my blog a little bit. Each post is now fitted with an hCard for my person and the About page got a little bit of extra markup as well.
I now also try and use Microformats whenever I refer to other people, organisations or if I ever post about events and such.

So this is an ongoing process. Expect to find more and more Microformats here in the future!

One way to take advantage of the Microformats on this page and others which are using Microformats, is to install the great Tails Firefox extension.

Markup Maker is a very convenient way to quickly get a valid (X)HTML structure for web pages you make.

Just paste in your (semantically correct) div ids for the layout you want. Choose if you want inline CSS or a separate file and which Doctype your document should have.
After that simply click on “Convert to XHTML” and you’ll get a nicely formatted HTML & CSS document.