PukkaThanks to Justin who pointed me to Pukka in the comments of my previous blog posting.

Pukka is a nice little app that makes posting your bookmarks to del.icio.us very easy, including nifty features like tag completition and even Bonjour integration. All of this is very nice but still I couldn’t see the advantage of it over my usual bookmarklet … until I discovered the one thing that makes this application extremely useful:

You can set Pukka as your external weblog editor in NetNewsWire (my favorite OS X RSS feed reader). Now I can, with the click of a button, post any interesting feed item to my del.icio.us account right from within the feed reader. That’s superb 🙂

Thanks again for pointing me in this direction … just gotta love this whole blogsphere thing, without it I would have never heard about Pukka 🙂

I recently started to manage my bookmarks via del.icio.us, a social bookmarking site. My main focus wasn’t the social aspect of the whole project but the ability to categorize bookmarks with tags, which has already proven to be very efficient for searching & finding. A very handy tool, for all Mac OS X users is Cocoalicious, which is a desktop client for adding, searching and managing del.icio.us bookmarks.

Today while scanning through my flagged RSS news items I (re-)discovered a recent post at Lifehacker that explained how del.icio.us could post your recently added bookmarks to your blog via XML-RPC. I followed the instructions, which where quite simple, with one exception: I couldn’t figure out how to set the time of the posting, so I just left it with “0” … let’s see if the service works and when the posting is going to happen 😉

So be prepared to get an (almost) daily update of stuff I find on the net in this blog soon!

On a side note: I am currently testing a great AJAX powered shoutbox, which I installed in this blog’s sidebar. All you RSS only readers, head over to the HTTP version, and give me a shout! 😉

I’m currently testing out Flock as my primary browser. After using it for a few hours I have to say it seems pretty stable and has a good UI.

Flock has an integrated blog client (which I’m using right now to post this … hope it works), a Flickr integration and stores your bookmarks in del.icio.us.

Over all … very open minded and community based, I like it 🙂