Linked Things IconI’ve started a new blog about a recent passion of mine: The Internet of Things.

The site Linked Things will accumulate information about products that are connected via the internet or local networks and can be controlled, combined and programmed.

Currently I’m aiming for one new post per week, but if you’ve got links or ideas please use the contact form on the page to send me your messages so I can gather as much data as possible about the internet of things and up the volume of posts with your help.

And please spread the word!

Today seems to be a slow news morning. Mostly because everyone is apparently only slowly recovering from weekend mode I guess, but here are the bits I deemed noteworthy today.

  • Yahoo Mimics Facebook Connect With Y Connect??
    Yahoo will soon launch a service called Y Connect?? with features very similar to those of Facebook Connect?portable identity management, integrating Yahoo content on third-party websites, and sharing data about what you’re doing and where with your Yahoo contacts.
  • Throwback to the 90s: How Social Networking is Moving Back to Private
    On the social networking battle field, people are dropping like flies and canceling their Facebook accounts or taking a break from Twitter. These social networking casualties are looking for news ways to share and interact with select friends in a more private and intimate setting.
  • Benoît Mandelbrot at the EPFL, on the 14h of M...

    Image via Wikipedia

    Benot Mandelbrot 1924 – 2010
    Mandelbrot died in a hospice in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 14 October 2010 from pancreatic cancer, at the age of 85.
    Mandelbrot worked on a wide range of mathematical problems, including mathematical physics and quantitative finance, but is best known as the father of fractal geometry. He coined the term fractal and described the Mandelbrot set. Mandelbrot extensively popularized his work, writing books and giving lectures aimed at the general public.

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