Whenever I start a new project, I struggle with what to put in the very first commit message. After doing a “git init” there is technically nothing there and no work done yet, so how to describe this initial step?

Initial commit” always seemed a little futile, so I started gathering some better examples on what to put in the message for the glorious start of a new project and I am sharing them here for all of you to marvel at:

This is where it all begins...
Commit committed
Version control is awful
The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!
Lock S-foils in attack position
This commit is a lie
I'll explain when you're older!
Here be Dragons
Reinventing the wheel. Again.
This is not the commit message you are looking for
Batman! (this commit has no parents)

Or, you know, just use whatthecommit.com.

I’m always happy for comments with further ideas and will be adding to this list constantly.