Version 2.6


…just updated to
The newest WordPress version does indeed have a few nice features.

  • ‘Press This’ bookmarklet, to (re)blog web content Tumblr-style
  • (Google) Gears integration. Although this doesn’t do much at the moment but it’ll be exciting to see what the WordPress developers come up with in the future.
  • Better Plug-In management
  • Versioning for posts
  • Apparently there’s also better media management, which I don’t really use because large image galleries live at Flickr for me.

Btw. I’m also (again) testing the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress, to see if they finally came up with something remotely useful.

Since I finally managed to update to the last WordPress version, I also change a few things on this blog.
On the right, there is now a Tag cloud consisting of the most used topics I write about here. And I also changed the plugin that constructs the “Related Posts” under each posting to make use of the internal taggin structure of WordPress.

Not enough that I can blog with ecto, use Flock or login into WordPress directly to feed you with news… No!
Now I found a Dashboard widget (which I’m using right now) that allows me to kick off a few lines very quickly.

WordPressDash is an easy solution to post simple texts. For more complex layouts I would rather switch to ecto but WordPressDash lets you set the Category your entry is poted in and there is even a choice if you want to save it as draft or post it directly for everyones viewing pleasure 🙂