Why haven’t I thought of that?

iCal can publish through FTP after all:Well color us surprised: Mac OS X Hints just found out that iCal actually can publish calendars through FTP (not just WebDAV), opening the doors for many users to publish their calendars and integrate them into services like Google Calendar and the like. One simply needs to use ftp:// when using the Publish… command, and all should be well.
While it should be noted this still doesn’t enable full sharing and editing of calendars like SyncBridge, it should allow users with non-WebDAV enabled hosts to get their iCal publishing on.
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Tom asked for a solution in his blog for exporting photos from iPhoto to Flickr. Since he closed the comments on his blog post (for whatever reason that is) I’ll try and answer the question via trackback.

There certainly is a solution to exporting photos from iPhoto to Flickr. The excellent FlickrExport which I already use for a long time. It’s a clean and easy solution and really integrates nicely with all of iPhotos functions.

So give it a try, Tom 😉

I’ve never thought much about Virtual Desktops in OS X although I have used it frequently on Linux Desktops and at the beginning in OS X Panther.
My thought always was: why more than one Desktop, when I’ve got Expos?. After watching the following video I might have changed my mind.
Virtual Desktops and Expos? seems to be the way to got!

See Spaces and Expos??of the upcoming OS X 10.5 Leopard in action:

Not enough that I can blog with ecto, use Flock or login into WordPress directly to feed you with news… No!
Now I found a Dashboard widget (which I’m using right now) that allows me to kick off a few lines very quickly.

WordPressDash is an easy solution to post simple texts. For more complex layouts I would rather switch to ecto but WordPressDash lets you set the Category your entry is poted in and there is even a choice if you want to save it as draft or post it directly for everyones viewing pleasure 🙂