flashbagThis caught my eye while surfing the web today.
The Flashbag is a normal USB thumb drive with a little pump in it. It inflates with the amount of data you store on it. Even when not connected it stays inflated so you can always estimate how much space you’ve got left.

It is still a proof of concept and you can’t buy it anywhere. But in my eyes this is a really good example of creative tech design 🙂

BlogTalk Reloaded banner

BlogTalk Reloaded – the conference
is scheduled for Oct 2-3, 2006.
It will be held in Vienna, Austria

Seems like the crazy Web 2.0 conference hype is also slowly attacking my homecountry. Blogtalk which will be held in October is already the third occurrence of this gathering. The general theme will be “Social Software” in all it’s aspects.

Read more about their Mission on the Page.

Following the international success of BlogTalk 1.0 and 2.0, Blogtalk Reloaded – that will be held in Vienna, Austria – is expanding its focus to Social Software, while remaining committed to the diverse cultures, practices and tools of our emerging networked society.
The conference is designed to maintain a sustainable dialog between developers, innovative scholars who study social software, users in corporate and educational settings, and the general community of users.

The whole thing will be held at Techgate in Vienna.


We decided to extend the deadline for software related proposals to May 31.
Please circulate this info as we want to attract more developer proposals and mix them with the other crowd.
PLease submit project drafts, protptype ideas, and concepts.
06.04.2006 – 7:21 pm GMT

…so if you think you have something to talk about, don’t hesitate and send in your proposal.