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Support your local Apple

Herbert searched and looked all over the internet in the past few days and was rewarded today. He found out that it’s now official that all Austrian students on every Austrian University and University of Applied Science (= FH) can buy their strongly needed Mac stuff at the onCampus store here.

That means we can now all enjoy the benefit of the very good deals that they offer :)

…and did I mention that the new Rise Against album totally kicks ass *g*


A case of the humans

Pretty accurate short animation clip … about human life on earth.

Adium Getting Voice and Video Chat!

Thanks to Google’s summer of code, a student will be helping to integrate Jingle into Adium, meaning that soon Audio and Video chats through Jabber will be here… finally!

I hope this project will be a success, A/V is the one thing thats missing from my favourite messenger.

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