iTunes – Music I never heard

In an addition to my previous iTunes Quiz I’m posting this entry.
I’ve always kept a smart playlist in my iTunes called “Never heard” featuring an auto updating list of all songs which have a Play Count of zero.

In the last two days I started to shuffle this playlist and listen to it. There’s a lot of cool music buried in my Library without me recognizing it! In those two days I’ve added a bunch of high rated music titles to the stack – it’s really worth it. You should try it!

So to get back to my iTunes Quiz, make a smart playlist like mine and tell me how much music it contains.

Never heard 144 songs, 11,5 hours, 909,3 MB

…steadily decreasing 😉


  1. Never heard 114 songs, 9.1 hours, 717 MB

    and something new 😉

    Unrated songs 3367 of 3680

    thats unbelievable – hope that the flight to australia will decrease that number 😉

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