DiggFiltr.com – Create a custom digg feed in seconds

You can build a feed that contains the exact stories you are interested in from Digg.com. You can filter by: description, category, submitters, number of diggs, and number of comments.

DiggFiltr.com is a very neat page. Still under heavy development but the core feature is very useful already. I instantly created my own filtered Digg.com feed by applying a few filters on the sections I’m interested in. I can see this site getting really popular if the developer goes in the right direction with it.

One thing that I also liked was that, according to the developers blog, it only took him about 10 days to learn Ruby on Rails and develop this application which uses AJAX very extensively. Sounds like Ruby on Rails is really a good choice for rapid web development. Maybe I should kick myself into learning it finally (…if I only had time!).

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