WordPress 2.0.4

Great! Yesterday I took the time to finally update my WordPress install to 2.0.3 and also update all my used plugins to their newest versions. It took me very long since I changed a fair bit of code in the original WordPress install and in addition the FAlbum plugin seemed to behave strangely.

And now today I get notified via RSS that WordPress 2.0.4 is out and all users are recommended to update (as always) because it contains several security fixes (again).

Ok, it’s too late today I’ll probably update tomorrow.

When will WordPress include some kind of web-accessible function for upgrading instead of the cumbersome file based way?

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  1. f*?% – it seems that you have a lot of work to do 😉 so you won’t get bored 😀

    thats the reason why I love my serendipity installation 😉 plugins and themes can be updated by using one-click 😉 and in the next version also the main serendipity installation can be updated

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