Yay, I just ordered my iPhone at ONE!
Can’t wait …hopefully they’ll be able to deliver it before end of July.

The good thing is, with my accumulated bonus points and with the addition of an iPhone specific data plan the device only costs me 199??? 😀

…hmm, maybe I should think about adding an iPhone compatible theme to this blog now 😉


  1. how did you manage that?
    trust me, i _really_ tried to order sooner, but despite several emails and numerous calls, all they could tell me was to get to a ONE shop on the 11th or look for the iPhone upgrade to my already existing contract in the “coming days” on their “new One” webpage.
    there was no other possibility to keep my current number.
    the funny thing being: number transfers on new contracts are for free as a bonus offer. but you coul only transfer your number from other providers and not when already being a ONE customer *g*

  2. I ordered anyway and the hotline told me we could adress the special wishes (number transfer, smart sim, plan change) at the beginning of July.

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