PCjacking – actionism in the name of free software

PCjackingManu Cornet, french Ubuntu developer and free software supporter, startet new ways of marketing recently called PCjacking. He wants to point people to different ways of using computers and tell them that there is more on the market than just Microsoft Windows.

He walks into computer stores and throws in Linux Live CDs like Knoppix or Ubuntu booting them up and hoping that the store employees won’t recognize it. He then leaves the computers running on Linux and watches how people approach this new experience.

I think thats a pretty neat idea, which we could all try out and see how it spreads 😉

In a recent interview with Pressetext Austria he said that he hopes many people will start to PCjack (of course without harming any computer). Manu Cornet added that he wrote an explanation on every CD so that the staff knows that they only need to reboot their computers to reset everything to the state it was before.

For everybody interested, there is even a little HOWTO on Cornet’s page.
? Wanna PCjack yourself?


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