Roundcube Webmail piwik analytics plugin

Roundcube logoEasy setup for piwik analytics in Roundcube Webmail.

This is a fork of roundcube_google_analytics.


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  • Copy the contents of the extracted directory to plugins/piwik_analytics
  • Add piwik_analytics to $rcmail_config['plugins'] in config/


  • Copy plugins/piwik_analytics/config/ to plugins/piwik_analytics/config/
  • Edit the new file and fill in all the appropriate settings.


Roundcube Webmail piwik analytics plugin





Date: March 29 2011

Version: 1.0

  • #1 written by Niels
    about 3 years ago

    Vielen Dank für das Plugin! Mir ist bei der Installation auf einer SSL-verschlüsselten Seite aufgefallen, dass beim Piwik-Code ein kleiner Fehler enthalten ist.

    So stimmt “pkBaseURL” für SSL-verschlüsselte Seiten nicht, die Zeile sollte:

    var pkBaseURL = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ? “https://’ . $rcmail->config->get(‘piwik_analytics_domain’) . ‘/” : “http://’ . $rcmail->config->get(‘piwik_analytics_domain’) . ‘/”);

    lauten, also eigentlich nur das ersten “http://” durch “https://” ersetzen.

    Nachdem ich das erledigt hatte, lief es bei mir auch über die SSL-Vershclüsselung.

    Schönen Gru�!

  • #2 written by Florian Beer
    about 3 years ago

    Vielen Dank für das Entdecken und Ausbessern des Fehlers!
    Ich habe das Plugin nun korrigiert und werde gleich eine neue Version hochladen.

  • #3 written by Thomas
    about 1 year ago

    Good work on this extension, I appreciate you sharing this. I would have a question if I could. I am a hosting company and provide the Roundcube Webmail as a global install so this one install works for 50 or so websites. Is there a way to track all of them in the same Piwik user account.
    Best wishes,

  • #4 written by Florian Beer
    about 1 year ago

    You could probably modify the tracking code to dynamically insert the correct site ID according to the current domain.
    The Piwik Documentation at especially should be able to help you.

  • #5 written by gusans
    about 1 year ago

    hi, great plugin!
    i’m trying to figure out how to get a user logins level stats, like a top ten of most logged users. do you know if is it posible using this plugin+piwik combination?

  • #6 written by Florian Beer
    about 1 year ago

    I’d suggest reading through the developer docs at
    There should be a way to manually call the API and track those kind of things.