How to annoy your fellow co-workers through creative use of SubEthaEdit

First make sure you’re collaboratively editing the same document.
Preferably on different positions in a very long (and unbelievably ugly coded) file.
Let the fun begin:

  1. Open up a multi line comment and never close it.
  2. Repeatedly press Cmd+A to highlight _everything_ so the screen for all the others starts to flash in your editing color
  3. Simply paste in A LOT of blank lines so the functions, the others are currently working on, scroll out of their view
  4. Sneak in some nasty syntax errors and wait for someone to save the file to test their newest edits

Some more ideas? 🙂


  1. just wondering how such ideas come to your mind… 🙂

    btw, here’s another one: Cmd+A -> Del -> WAIT -> Cmd+Z -> repeat this as offen as you have the chance to and then run

  2. Ha!
    Another one:
    If u’re the owner of the document: Cmd+A -> Del -> Wait -> *
    evilgrin* -> Cmd+S

    ….. and immediately run!

  3. yeah – and now I know where you tested all of this 😉
    at at land far far away 😉 it was quite hot and sunny, a python hat nice nights in our backyard and during work – you started to find out all these thinks by trying it on me 😀

    damn – but what annoyed me most – working in collab. mode with flo was – when he closed the document without mentioning it and it was open over an SFTP connection he has established.

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