US Media manipulation

SPINI just watched an hour long documentary called “SPIN” by Brian Springer (read more details about it here). He set up numerous satellite dishes back in the 90ties to watch and record the satellite feeds that the big media companies used to deliver their material from the point where it was shot to their broadcasting headquarters. Those feeds are the unedited versions of the events they where covering and so Brian Springer could see and hear a lot of things that weren’t broadcasted later on national television.
This film basically shows us how characters are set up via media channels for the population to believe whatever those characters tell you on your TV. The events of the 1992 election draw a very dark picture about what was said in public and who and what really was behind the scenes.
And that was back in the 90ties just imagine how much more advanced media manipulation techniques are today judging from how far they already where ten years ago.

Seeing this really got me thinking about television in the US again. I’ve already written about another story concerning this matter a while back (Bush ???planted fake news stories on American TV???). How can all the people there sit still when they must know that they are being manipulated in such an obvious way. How can they not stand up and boycott this whole web of lies. Are US citizens really that lazy that they don’t care about the truth anymore because it is easier to dwell in a lie?

I can just suggest to everyone to watch this film, it’s a real eye opener. I found it on “Chaos TV” in the Podcast Directory of the iTunes Store. It is episode 74 of Chaos TV and the full name there is “CTV074 Spin”. Or watch it on Google Video.

So that’s my call to all people out there:
Stop watching TV!
Don’t just sit back and passively consume made up stories about how your surroundings should look like. Use the power you’ve got, use the Internet!
Go out and search for information yourself and please don’t use any of the big media companies for your research.


  1. Your pleas sound familiar to me, but somehow I am afraid that the time is not here yet, when people will really wake up… just look at how people think about 9/11 even after “A Loose Change” was published. THe problem is that the news have far more power than one expects, mainly because most big western news use the same sources. As long as they chant in the same choir, the majority will join into it.

    Do you really think that all the fuss about terrorism on airlines from British cells (and the connections that are found throughout Europe) is not spin either?

    Brave new world. πŸ™

  2. So when will the time be right?
    I sometimes really feel very naive when I encounter such things and on the other hand I feel lucky because I (we) grew up in a country that’s free and doesn’t manipulate people that much (at least from my point of view). I’m also grateful for the way I was brought up. My parents taught me to ask questions!

    The only thing we can do is show others the reality over and over again and hope that the thought will spread like a virus.

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