MyDNS – A MySQL based DNS solution

In our effort to get more and more services into our own hands & to be able to blame ourselves and nobody else if something goes wrong,?Hirschy successfully attempted to install MyDNS on a couple of our servers.
We already took a go at it after the second last outage of our fellow DNS provider Awebs (now Quickstep) but didn’t have the time and energy to completely finish the task. Now after the next outage which is still kind of un-explained by the DNS provider we though it’s time to move on.

After a couple of hours of testing and writing a custom update script that replicates our DNS data to the secondary and tertiary nameservers via mysqldump and scp I think we are ready to migrate all our domains to this setup.
Now the only thing left is an answer to my eMail to Quickstep and then we’ll begin moving.

I really hope with those measures all the domains will be saver and suffer from less timeouts. Many thanks to Hirschy for his excellent work 🙂

There is a good HOWTO at Howtoforge that explains the installation of MyDNS and the easy-to-use webfrontend namend MyDNSConfig.

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