KisMac 0.21a – New release of the OS X passive stumbler.

KisMACAfter nearly a year, and a bunch of new developers, the Mac OS X passive wireless stumbler KisMac has produced another stable release. It now includes passive mode stumbling on AirPort Extreme hardware, is a Universal binary for the benefit of people with Intel Macs, does Google Earth exporting, has many bugs fixed and much much more…

On my iBook passive monitoring mode works out of the box – perfect 🙂

I discovered that in addition to the open, unprotected network named “Netgear” in my neighborhood, there is also an unprotected WLAN which hides it’s SSID. Whatever the advantage of hiding SSID but not encrypting a WLAN is…

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  1. Hi Flo!

    As you know – I (or should I say “WE” 😉 ) tried KisMac on my 15″ Powerbook and I was not able to switch my build in Airport into Monitor Mode.

    At this time – I already feel the shock inside me when I read the message that no Airport Card is available 😉 after rebooting the system.

    But after uninstalling KisMac everything works fine, already.

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