Changed Theme

Finally I updated the theme of this site to a newer one. Now I can use WordPress Widgets in the sidebar and some other commodities of recent versions.
RSS readers might want to take a look at the actual HTML version of the site ;)

Leave me some comments, to tell me what you think.


  1. its funny, I think the last time I visited your site in full HTML is month ago and that for only one reason – to post a command.

    now I visit your site to see your new layout and post a command again :D
    RSS feeds let us think different about the use of graphics, CSS and all the layout stuff – content counts.

    but nevertheless – *Thumbs Up* for the new design

  2. Yea, most of my information intake shifted from the WWW to several (hundreds) of RSS feeds too. But still there’s still a bit more on this site than just the blog-posts, so it’s worth a visit once in a while I guess ;)

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